Here are some issues that you should consider if you are overseas:

Posting: I am happy that I can post the plants okay.  I can pack them well enough.  I have posted many plants successfully to places such as Finland, Sweden, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Greece, so sending to EU countries generally is not a problem.  I have also sent Salvia divinorum plants successfully to Norway, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Switzerland, Israel and even South Africa and Brazil.  There are no additional costs for postage overseas if you are based in the EU.  If you are outside the EU this will usually mean adding something in the region of £5 to the current cost of a plant [...]

Import Restrictions: I am assuming there will be no problems with your Customs and Excise import security control.  The plants are not illegal, so unless your country has a problem with the import of any living plant this should be okay.  Packages to Finland, Sweden, Spain, France, Italy, Greece etc confirms that there is no problem with EU countries.   Plants sent to Turkey and Poland, Ukraine the Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Switzerland, Israel and even South Africa and Brazil have also been okay [...]

Payment: To transfer currency you may want to use an International Money Order, either via your bank (I can let you have my bank details, account number etc if you need them) or you could use an international transfer agent such as MoneyGram>> or Western Union>> (in which case you will not need my bank details).  Another option, particularly if the Money Order turns out to be expensive in your country is that I am okay with receiving cash through the post.   This means that to send UK pounds sterling you would only simply need to get money changed at the bank.   Also, I will accept euros in cash form.  There are guideline (not guaranteed) prices quoted in euros on the previous page.   [Read more about Payment Options...]

Of course, another option is if you can find a Salvia supplier in your own country.   I have some links in the /Salvia/Links/OtherSuppliers> section.

Translation: Click on one flag to translate page (and whole web-site) [...]

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Also, check this page for links to French, Spanish, Italian and Greek versions of Salvia Divinorum Users Guide>.