Plants:  I have some in stock just at the moment.

Dried Leaf:  

For a limited period (while stocks last) I can offer samples of dried leaf risk free to UK enquirers [...more info]  
I can also send inexpensive 'almost' free trial size dried leaf samples to EU enquirers [... more info]  

Note however that I do not have larger quantities of dried leaf for sale.
- See also answer to question 'Do you sell dried leaf?'>

Cuttings:  I will have no unrooted cuttings available for the foreseeable future [...more info]

Plant Prices:

£30 (euros (guideline price) 45)* per plant for fully soil rooted plants, which are about 30cm high, in 10cm diameter pots.

Special Offer: Two plants (as described above) for £50 (euros (guideline price) 75)*.

Here are some more pictures>, including 30cm high plants in 10cm pots.

Packages will usually be sent by recorded delivery unless you request otherwise [...]^

The prices above include the postage and packing, i.e. there is nothing to add for this when sending to UK or EU.

Contact Me: Send me an e-mail for further information regarding my address and payment details.

UK Payment Options include Cheque, Bank Transfer, Debit Card or Credit Card (via NoChex)

payment cards [... check this pop-up link for more on UK payment options]^  then send me an e-mail.

Once you've checked plant availability, for payment, or if you'd simply like to donate (it will work for both) Nochex charge you (the ‘buyer’) nothing to send money. They charge me (the ‘seller’) a flat amount (20p) in addition to their commission percentages. Their percentages aren’t prohibitive, but their flat 20p charge will obviously have a disproportionate impact on smaller ‘donations’. then you can use Nochex

Sending Overseas:

See above link for more information, including selected language translation facilities. 
euros (guideline price) * I accept euros. Guideline euro prices are quoted. Check the link for more details on overseas payment.

US enquirers should check suppliers such as Salvia Supply> or Salvia Light> on the US Suppliers page>

Salvia divinorum Scotland welcomes further enquiries from the latest EU countries Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus and Malta, many to which I have already sent salvia plants.


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