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I hope you enjoy the rest of the web-site as a whole, but in particular, if you are interested in getting your first Salvia plants, check out the details in the Plant Care section and also the Frequently Asked Questions page.


Please note that if you send me an e-mail enquiring about Salvia plants or leaf it is on the understanding and agreement of the following.

1. That you have read and understood the disclaimer at the bottom of the 'Introduction to Salvia' web-page and in addition have read and understood at least the 'Introduction to the Effects' page. Generally you are advised to find out as much as you can about Salvia divinorum, both from my web-site and other sources

2. In agreeing to this disclaimer that I am not responsible for Salvia's effect on you, I also take it that you are a responsible adult, entitled to and capable of making your own decisions on such matters (I don't want hassle from angry parents either!).