Sorry, I have no stocks available, please read on [...]
I occasionally had enough dried leaf to give some away as free samples in the past, however, since the web-site has become more established, due to increasing interest (e.g. articles in national newspapers>) and growing demand, I now only have enough to include dried leaf samples with live plant orders.

This will be the case for the foreseeable future.  However, like I say, I will continue to include free dried leaf samples with all live plant orders.

Note also that I have no quantities of dried leaf for sale. - See also answer to question 'Do you sell dried leaf?'> on the Frequently Asked Questions page>.  If you are are looking to buy some dried leaf in preference to getting your own plant then check through some of the links on the other suppliers page>, for example, try Deva>> or EasyGeezer>>.

I do not intend to sell dried leaf, I would rather continue to focus on live plants. 

As much as anything else, propagating the plants for sale is slightly at odds with the production of large quantities of dried leaf. - Because, as my mother plants grow, I'm tending to take new shoots to make new plants rather than leaving them to produce more foliage.  I get enough leaf to include samples with the plant orders, but that's about it.

I'd like to be able to offer free samples again sometime, so, if anyone out there finds themselves with a surplus of dried leaf that they would like to 'donate' to this worthwhile cause, feel free to get in touch with me.  It will be most appreciated.

Anyone interested in getting hold of free leaf samples without buying plants will need to re-check the web-site details (refresh this page) for the latest situation. The web-site will be updated as soon as the situation changes, including with any relevant information as to when it is likely to change. As it stands, and as suggested above, this is likely to be the situation for a good few months.  There are no ‘waiting lists’, so there is no need (or point) in emailing me about this. You’ll just have to come back and refresh the page.  

The information on the following linked page is included for reference only, things to bear in mind if/when free samples become available again [...]