Contact Details ~ Dried Leaf ~ Historical Information for Reference

I have some limited stocks of prime Salvia leaf available for free samples (within UK only). I also have some 'Grade B' dried leaf available.  Your sample will probably contain a mix.  

I do not have large amounts, but the free sample would be suitable if you were interested in a few experiments smoking it and if you have a good water pipe / bong.  Salvia can't simply be smoked in a roll up cigarette / joint.  Check out the information on smoking it via the page /Salvia/Ingestion.  

I say a few experiments.  I will include enough leaf for at least one good smoke (again, check out the /Salvia/Ingestion link to see how much that is).  I realise that's a bit hit and miss given the difficulties some people have achieving a first breakthrough experience.  I'd like to provide bigger samples, for maybe a second go, and I will try to do this whenever I can.  But when demand is high, I have to ration it out, rather then give larger samples to some at the expense disappointing of others.  Hopefully you will get enough of an experience to at least intrigue you.

Please don't deprive someone else the chance of a free sample if you are not really interested and won't be using it.