I have to announce that, for the foreseeable future, I'll need all available cuttings to make new plants in order to keep pace with demand.

The demand for live plants has a bearing because they take priority, they survive better in the post and are therefore more flexible, for example, plants can be more easily sent overseas rather than cuttings.  

So I'm afraid I can't guarantee the future availability of cuttings at all, it will depend on how many I am taking to make plants and at the moment that means all of them.

The following is for information only, details of previous cuttings offer as a guide to what would be available if the situation changed and I was able to make cuttings available again.  


Ideally cuttings should be put into water as soon as they are taken from the plant.  I can send them through the post (protecting them from drying by wrapping in plastic, - expect next day delivery).  If these are put into water as soon as received then you should expect a good success rate.  Cuttings will be of various lengths, average about 15-20cm.  I would appreciate any feedback so as to keep track of success rates.